Susan Anderson is here to guide you into becoming a new and more independent YOU. A happier YOU. A positive YOU. A YOU that you never knew existed!

A plethora of information will be added to the site regularly for women, both young and seasoned, in order to motivate, inspire, and provide resources for those looking for advice on:

  • Personality Disorder Education
  • Relationship Support
  • Self-Image Improvement
  • Independent Lifestyle Coaching
  • Life Reconstruction Techniques
  • Divorce Support
  • Counseling Resources
  • Spiritual Uplifting
  • Friendship & Love

Motivational/Inspirational books will become available as they are published under the BOOKS page, and I will offer my own personal recommendations on works by authors who have aimed to help you become a better woman.

A few lighthearted reading recommendations, as well. Because laughter is paramount in uplifting your spirits!

Susan Anderson is available for public speaking engagements for organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment and life coaching.